Yury Kashnitsky

Born in Russia, made a world around living 4 years in Israel and 1.5 years in Canada. Then back to Russia. 2007 - 2013. Studied aviation and later Computer Science at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology2011 - 2013. During Master's, worked as a Business Intelligence architect, switched to full-time Ph.D. studies cause life is too short2018. Got a Ph.D. degree in applied mathematics at Higher School of Economics, Moscow. Jan 2017 - Jun 2018. Worked as a Data Scientist @ Russian IT giant Mail.Ru Group. Jun 2018 - Apr 2020. Worked as a Data Scientist focusing on NLP @ KPN, the NetherlandsApr 2020 - curr. Working as a Senior ML Scientist focusing on NLP @ Elsevier, the Netherlands. 2017 - curr. Leading open Machine Learning course mlcourse.ai

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