Open Machine Learning course (self-paced) is an open Machine Learning course by OpenDataScience (, led by Yury Kashnitsky (yorko). Having both a Ph.D. degree in applied math and a Kaggle Competitions Master tier, Yury aimed at designing an ML course with a perfect balance between theory and practice. Thus, the course meets you with mathematical formulae in lectures and a lot of practice in a form of assignments and Kaggle Inclass competitions. In 2017-2019, some 26k people participated in active course sessions offered twice a year, and ~1500 finished the course. ODS has witnessed multiple stories about the course changing careers of those who had passed it. Currently, the course is in a self-paced mode. Here we guide you through the self-paced

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In the following short video we discuss how to best approach the course material

Prior to passing the course, please check the prerequisites (Python, math, and some software requirements). Good luck!

Found an issue? The best way to report it is to open a GitHub Issue. Thanks!

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