Code Mining

Source code & artifact analysis: licenses, vulnerabilities, processes. ml4code as is and and all that.

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Code Mining is a whole industrial direction that focuses on source code and code-artifact analysis by all means available to the data science community. In other words, we represent Data Analysis for Software Engineering.

Here we discuss tools, new approaches, and challenges that arise in this area (CodeMining’19,20,21). We hold our own educational tracks as part of ODS conferences, e.g. OpenSource Licensing Course

We also conduct hackathons related to data analysis for software engineering. For example, the Scary code event at ODS Data Halloween.

Follow the news at our telegram channel:

Code Mining project organizer – company. For participation and support with any kind of activity feel free to contact with Alexey Smirnov @ ODS Slack / Telegram - @alsmirn or text to

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