Ended 18 months ago
42 participants
93 submissions
  1. What is special about this competition? 
    This competition may lead to a fast-track publication in FIRE 2021. It is absolutely optional but highly recommended as the nature of the competition is to solve an open academic  task in NLP. More information here
  2. How many participants can be in a team?
    Participants  may join in teams of up to 7 people including all co-authors of the paper (if desired to submit a technical report) 
  3. How many submissions are allowed?
    Please, see the standard limit at the ODS SoC Competition Platform page 
  4. May the participants use any sources of information on the Internet?
    Yes, as long as they are properly referenced should the participants want to publish a paper on their system and results
  5. How will the results be evaluated?
    The primary metric is weighted F1 score. 
    Additionally, we observe a secondary (optional) metrics ROC-AUC score. The default value of this metrics will be 0. It will serve as a tiebreaker for submissions where F1 stays the same. It is also highly recommendable to track this metrics for those participants who plan to publish the report.  
  6. What else is needed to publish? 
    Technical reports MUST be accompanied by the system code. Please, see mode details here 

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