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Information on the Dataset for Subtask A

The dataset was collected and annotated in Natural Language and Text Processing Laboratory at Center for Computing Research of Instituto Politécnico Nacional, Mexico, by PhD candidate Maaz Amjad who is a native Urdu-speaker.  Previously, Maaz obtained his Master degree from Moscow Institute for Physics and Technology (MIPT). 

Contacts about the dataset: 
At the moment of competition, all questions about the dataset collection procedure should be addressed to Maaz maazamjad@phystech.edu. (The paper with the details on dataset collection and preprocessing procedures and other dataset statistics will be published  at FIRE 2021). 

The training-test split was performed by a co-advisor of Maaz’s PhD thesis,  Alisa Zhila (PhD). Please, address any questions on the data split to alisa.zhila@gmail.com 

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