Ended 5 years ago
398 participants
2389 submissions

AI Journey 2019: Solving the Graduation Exam

Develop an AI that passes the school graduation exam for the highest possible grade

Problem description

The goal of the competition is to develop an algorithm that can successfully answer questions and pass examination test based on information from publicly available data sources. Particpants are provided with test examples that can be used for validation and model learning. Competition solutions are sent to the automatic testing system and evaluated on the hidden set of questions.

Submission format

Each solution is an archive with code that runs in the Docker container environment. Solution archives are submitted into automatic testing system. Exam tasks with questions are graded automatically, essay writing tasks are graded by professional expert assesors 1-2 times a week. Competition metric is the total exam score on all test questions.


Total prize fund is 3 000 000 ₽!

  • 1st place gets 1 000 000 ₽
  • 2nd place 500 000 ₽
  • 3rd place 300 000 ₽
  • 4th and 5th each get 200 000 ₽
  • 6th till 10th places each get 100 000 ₽

On top of that there are 2 special nomination awards "Best question solution" and "Best essay solution" that are awarded with 150 000 ₽ each.

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