Career (Data Fest 2020)

Great jobs don’t simply fall out of the sky as soon as you’ve mastered Python, R or SQL. This year's Career section unites Data Science experts to discuss the most exciting career questions. How to become a senior in Data Science? Why is the middle not yet senior and how to become a senior? How to improve one’s soft skills and is it important at all? Star speakers, industry experts, tricky questions to the recruiters, and many more.


We will be sequentially addressing the topics that are mostly discussed in #career with different speakers, followed by some practical tests for you to fill out.

On your marks, get set, go!


  • "Getting a job in Analytics in London / other topic" - Dan Kaziev, Head of Analytics (London) | Ex Uber
  • "Career Development - Depth VS Breadth?" - Vladimir Iglovikov (Senior Сomputer vision engineer @self driving division at Lyft, Kaggle Grandmaster)
  • "From a developer to a manager: personal experience" Artur Kuzin, Head of CV at X5 Retail Group
  • "Being a Digital Nomad: expectation vs reality" - Pavel Pleskov, Digital Nomad Machine Learning Engineer at Praxis Pioneering
  • "From Middle to Senior in Data Science" - Alexey Grigorev, Lead Data Scientist at OLX Group
  • "Tips on landing a remote DS/ML job at a startup" - Pavel Pleskov, Digital Nomad Machine Learning Engineer at Praxis Pioneering
  • "WFH VS WFO BATTLE" - Michael Kachala, Head of Data Science at Bayer Consumer Health & Tatiana Gabruseva, Machine Learning Engineer, Cork University Hospital
  • "AMA: recruiter" - Special with MegaFon recruited Svetlana Stakanova: answering questions from the

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