ML for Social Good



Machine Learning for Social Good. Here we unite projects aimed to make the world a better place ❤️
On this page, you can check out the ongoing projects, and apply with your own! Any ideas are welcome:

  • projects,
  • new libraries,
  • your suggestions :)

Data Fest Online 2021 track:
Slack #ml4sg

Our Projects

  • Lacmus by Georgy Perevozchikov a cross-platform software, which realizes human detection on photos from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
  • MaritimeAI by Pavel Golubev Computer Vision applications in the maritime industry.
  • NewsViz by Sviatoslav Kovalev development of a general exploratory tool for text with end-to-end processing, from raw documents to insightful visualizations.
  • Air Quality by Anatolij Rubanov – collection and analysis of sensor readings that measure the concentration of dust particles in the air.
  • MLDev by Anton Kh facilitates running data science experiments, helps in results presentation, and eases paper preparation for students, data scientists, and researchers.

So, if you want to join one of these projects, contact the manager. Have fun!


  • Data Fest Online 2021: Machine Learning for Social Good Track Premiere (RU)
  • Introduction to ML4SG (RU) – Aleksandr Lozhechkin @sasha
  • Data scientists' teamwork in terms of the open ML4SG projects (RU) – Kirill Vlasov @vlasoff