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Habr is a top Russian collaborative blog about IT, Computer science and anything related to the Internet. ODS has started its blog on the platform on the 1st of July 2018 in the Russian language.

The blog has started in collaboration with MLCourse.ai, the first iteration of the Open ML Course consists of 10 lectures posted there.

Our focus is to write high-quality long reads about machine learning, deep learning and AI in general. We are writing about the fundamental theory of machine learning, competitions, recent papers, machine learning for social good projects, and about different other topics

Any member of ODS can propose a topic or express an intention to write an article. The group of seasoned authors are playing the role of the editorial board and happy to assist anyone to write and polish the content.

Editorial board is located in #ods_habr channel.

Up to the 22nd of June 2020 we have:

  • 6286 subscribers,
  • released 124 articles,
  • got more than 4.7M views,
  • 39 authors,
  • been on the second place in a global rating of Habr once.

Our authors sorted by the number of views:

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