Active is an open Machine Learning course by OpenDataScience. The course is designed to perfectly balance theory and practice, thus you see math in lecture notes but at the same time you can take part in several Kaggle Inclass competitions held during the course. 


Short history and social impact

Due to a unique atmosphere and competitive spirit, the course sessions were very agile and attracted thousands of students from all over the world. Quick stats: from spring 2017 to fall 2019, 6 sessions of took place – 26k participants applied, 10k converted to passing the first assignment, about 1500 participants finished the course. 

Dozens of students described how they got their first Data Science jobs once they finished this course. Many more were later seen on top of Kaggle competition leaderboards. 

Current state of the project

Currently, the course is in self-paced mode. This means that all lectures and videos are open and free as well as demo versions of assignments. You can study on your own and get help from the community. This roadmap guides you through self-paced 

Course materials are translated into several languages (English, Russian, Chinese, and French are seen in the course repository. The course originated in Russian but right now only English versions of materials are supported by the squad. 

Plans for the future

There are no plans for active development of the course, e.g. creating new content or whole new chapters of the course. However, there are some new assignments to be released in September, 2020 (“full” versions as opposed to demo versions of assignments).   


If you’d like to translate course materials into your native language, please contact Yury @yorko on Slack. 

If you are passing the course and spot any typos, bugs, etc, feel free to open an issue here.