Ended 5 years ago
145 participants
903 submissions

CFT Typo Correction for Names

Determine if a person has entered a real name and correct typos

Challenge Description

Have you ever come across any silly typos? You can deal with it using machine learning! We invite you to participate in a competition where you have to create algorithms to identify the correctness of the typed full names and suggest how to correct typos.

Quality Criteria

The competition includes two tasks: identifying the correctness of the typed full names (classified into 3 classes) and correcting typos in the typed full names (in case there are typos). The final metric is the average quality of solving both tasks (Accuracy and F1_macro).


The total prize fund is 300 000 rubles! Teams consisting of up to 4 people from all over the world are allowed. The winning teams will be awarded: 

1st place -150,000 RUB

2nd place - 100,000 RUB 

3rd place - 50,000 RUB. 

The awarding ceremony and analysis of the winners' solutions will be held at the ML trainings in Novosibirsk on November 17!

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