Ended 17 months ago
41 participants
131 submissions

We want to collect a community set of datasets for various ML tasks thus making the world’s first real-life AutoML benchmark.
And we need your dataset contributions. These datasets will have publishing reveal schedule, being made publicly available with all the benchmark scores on them throughout the next year at least. This will not only benefit the community and DS field overall but you as well:

  • You will be able to check the best AutoML solutions for your dataset: the whole AutoML scene will supply you with the best open source solutions available;
  • Published articles on our AutoML benchmark will be mentioning your datasets thus making your contribution long-lasting and present in the whole DS/ML field;
  • This can be your already published datasets as well as new ones. We can even help you anonymize and obfuscate the data at hand.

Contact , or info@datasouls.com on your datasets and help us make the best generic ML benchmark out there in the whole field.
In case you have a separate awesome task suited for a benchmark with a unique dataset - also contact us: the more benchmarks the better.

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