AIJ Contest

AIJ Contest - an international online data analysis and AI competition held among industry developers and experts worldwide since 2016.

Each year, contestants are invited to complete a unique task from an AI area.

This time, not only adult DS specialists are invited to participate in the contest – the best solutions offered by students under 18 will be awarded in the AIJ Junior special nomination.

This year, the online competition will consist of three tracks.

  1. Digital Peter: Recognition of Peter the Great’s manuscripts October 9 – November 22
  2. NoFloodWithAI: Flash floods on the Amur river October 9 – November 22
  3. AI4Humanities: ruGPT-3 October 16 – November 22

The results will be announced at an awards ceremony held as part of the AI Journey international online conference (December 3-5).

Track program

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