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Sign Language Interface project aims to improve accessibility of technology for individuals who use sign languages by incorporating sign language recognition, generation, translation, and tutoring functionality into UI/UX design and AI systems.

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Main goals:

  • To create a sign language search engine that enables users to easily find sign language content.(MVP - Minimal Viable Product)
  • To create an interactive sign language tutoring system that effectively teaches users sign language.(Medium Viable Product)
  • To create a machine translation system that accurately and efficiently translates between sign languages and spoken or written language, making communication more accessible for users.(Maximal Viable Product)

Terms & Definitions

  • Minimal Viable Product - The minimum set of features necessary to test the basic functionality of the sign language interface.
  • Medium Viable Product - An expanded version of the MVP with additional features to improve usability and functionality.
  • Maximal Viable Product - The final version of the product, with all the features and capabilities required for full functionality.

The tasks can include

  • Develop sign language generation and recognition system

  • Develop a tool for collecting and labeling sign language data, and create a dataset using this tool

  • Use the tool to mark up sign language data, such as videos or images, with linguistic and grammatical information, such as signs, movements, handshape, hand orientation, location, and facial expression

  • Develop a sign language search engine that allows users to search for sign language content.

  • Develop an interactive sign language tutoring system

  • Continuously monitor and analyse the performance of the system to identify areas for improvement.

  • Design a UI/UX interface that is easy to navigate and understand for sign language users.

App task examples:

Data labeling

  • Sign language data labeler uses the tool youtube
  • Collection of sign language sentence at NGTU NETI youtube

Sign language recognition

  • Recognition of Russian fingerspelling youtube
  • Recognize hand configurations-orientations to present examples of words youtube
  • Static one-handed gestures to present examples of words youtube
  • In the context of the course 'Designing a Machine Learning System', a Telegram bot is demonstrated that is able to recognize the shape of the hand and then match it to the corresponding word in Russian Sign Language. youtube (see 4:42:37-5:03:16)

UI/UX layout

  • Random gesture selection youtube
  • Search for gesture by word youtube
  • Sequential display of selected gesture parameters for gesture search youtube
  • Search for gesture by photo with its performance youtube
  • AdaptisCon#2 in Novosibirsk - Presentation of the Russian sign language dictionary youtube (see 1:48:10-2:22:14 of our speaker)

Site, bot & mobile apps

Social media:


Email: - Alexey Prikhodko

  • Alexey Prikhodko - Domain expert, ML developer
  • Julia Prikhodko - Sign language data labeler and informer
  • Mark Belousov - Frontend-developer, system analyst

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