The Punch To Face project is a real-time 2D to 3D video transformation system that is currently under development and testing. One-of-a-kind technology integrates any 2D or 3D animations into real fight videos and creates a new niche in the advertising and entertainment industries. Also, this allows companies to brand the cage with its identity, without spending large budgets. More creative 3D advertisements may improve user experience making the fight show more entertaining.

Mechanics and outcomes:

Project experts can replace any advertisements on canvas, walls, or any other place in the cage with new static and animated ads. The technology enables new options for targeted advertisements, including differentiation based on geography, age, or other viewer characteristics. This technology provides more place for ads. 

The existing approaches to creating visual effects usually do not work in real-time. Also, they require costly specialized equipment. Punch To Face project doesn’t need to install new cameras or any other equipment. The only access to existing cameras and information about the physical characteristics of a cage is required. 

Who is interested in the project:

Partners. If you are interested in integrating your ads in a real-time video of fights, having higher conversion rates, attracting new followers, and accelerating the company growth, the Punch To Face project is the best investment ever. 

ML enthusiasts. If you would like to highly increase your knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, join Punch To Face project. You will solve real tasks for real business and get actual results. Also, you will become a member of a large Open Data Science community.  

Project history:

The idea of the project was born in 2014. The first prototype was created almost a year later in January 2015. Two childhood friends have been working on the project for many years and wanted to make the visual experience of martial arts more exciting and engaging using the most modern and up to date technology. The original idea was to use various additional designs: pendant cameras, a wide Internet connection, and many other pitfalls. Fortunately, it was decided to work only with existing equipment. In April 2018, the project founders joined the Open Data Science community. And In 2019, a new era began, experts with applied Data Science experience in finance, retail, and tech industries teamed up to transform an idea into a startup.

For more information:

What’s the plan? 

The main goal of the project is a full 3D reconstruction of MMA fights in Virtual Reality. Current research focuses heavily on pose tracking and reconstruction of 3D models of fighters. With every breakthrough in the research, the project team will be able to create more valuable products and features. In the nearest plans - to provide the audience with an opportunity of moving around the hall regardless of the real camera view, fight analytics, and advanced gamification. 

How to contribute to the Punch To Face project?

If you are a deep learning expert and interested in computer vision, you are welcome to join the project. The project team consists of a wide range of specialists: developers, lawyers, financiers, sales managers, and other experts who are ready to work hard and get profitable experience. If you are interested in collaborating and contributing to the project, please contact via email:

To learn more about the project, follow the link

Youtube channel 

Slack #proj_punch_to_face

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