Founded 3 years ago

Building new HR. For free

Career building tool based on NLP techniques for people who lost their jobs or want to restart their career journeys.
We build average career paths for multiple job positions and they match them with candidates CVs and make a recommendation of courses to take to upgrade skills and job positions to look at.

Unique HR solution, with lots of NLP and big data

For now we have developed a beta-version with limited functionality, which can be accesses here – https://pifia.io/
At this moment the project is in a closed beta test, but anyone can get credentials to test it upon request. The project is still very young and we are working on both technical and product development.

We are always looking for seasoned NLP experts and full-stack developers, as well as people with product background, preferably in HR and education.
If you wanna join, contact project leader Pavel Golubev directly in slack channel #ml4sg or by email pavel.golubev@pifia.io

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