Founded 6 years ago

Computer Vision in the maritime industry. And it's awesome

Computer Vision applications in maritime industry.
We are building an open source maritime analytics platform with built-in computer vision for oil spills detection, shipping monitoring, ice classification and other use cases. We work with satellite imagery, sonar data, UUV and UAV video feeds.

Computer Vision for non-traditional industry, heavy focus on ecology and oil&gas.

Parts of our platform are already used by major Oil companies (Lukoil, Gazpromneft) and research facilities (Marine Research Center of Moscow State University).

Project page –
Our articles:

Some of our talks can be found here (Data Fest Odessa `19) and here (Kyiv Data Science Meetup `20).

We are always looking for seasoned computer vision engineers and full-stack developers.
If you wanna join, contact project leader Pavel Golubev directly in slack channel #ml4sg or by email

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