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Lean/Agile DS project and product management

Lean Data Science is a mature approach to DS project and product management.

LeanDS increases the probability of success due to the transparency of processes, reduce the Time-to-Market and focus on engineering excellence


Free e-book on Lean Data Science approach for DS project and product management. The book is a short description of LeanDS practices with examples. You can download it from leanDS website.


  • Business-oriented
  • Based on hypotheses
  • Collaborative and iterative
  • Rigorous and reproducible

LeanDS community

The goal of the Lean Data Science community is to create an open approach that helps teams to build effective and constantly improving processes for delivering high-quality DS products.

The community collects information about modern approaches to DS project and product management, summarizes them, turns to the methodology, and promotes to the industry.

LeanDS Community Activities

Collecting information on the best practices

  • Conducts interviews with organizations' leaders where processes have evolved and there is a set of well-established and developed practices and methods,
  • Organizes free meetups where experts share their ways to solve typical industry problems,
  • Studying and summarizes the world experience of management in DS,
  • Explores the applicability of approaches from related fields such as Software Engineering and Product Management.

Creating an approach

  • Arrange meetings and workshops for industry experts. During the meeting, experts come up with ideas and clear up the best approaches and practices. The outcome of the meeting is a description of specific tools and practices,
  • Consults with industry experts to expand details understanding and nuances of integration,
  • Pilots approaches with industry organizations, collects feedback, corrects irregularities and grind with new ideas.


  • Host meetups where we talk about LeanDS methods,
  • Creates a freely available LeanDS knowledge base,
  • Provides trainings on LeanDS for organizations.

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