Founded 5 years ago

The bot for aggregating hot topics in a Slack workspace


digestbot is a bot for Slack workspaces that aggregate and watch for hot topics, popular messages, and conversations to provide this information to users. You can ask him for top messages from all channels, exact channels, or some set of the channels, require to report you hot topics in direct messages periodically, and all of this using different sorting types.

Currently, the bot is deployed for the ODS.ai Slack workspace, you can check it out: @digestbot.

You can look at the open issues to understand how you can help the project or look through the code and suggest any changes. You are welcome!

If you want to message us, find me in ODS.ai Slack (@Kell) or telegram (@sky_kell)

Project repository: https://github.com/maybe-hello-world/digestbot

ODS.ai Slack channel: #tool_digestbot

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