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Fast image augmentation library and easy to use wrapper around other l

Albumentations is a Python library for fast and flexible image augmentations. The library is widely used in industry, deep learning research, machine learning competitions, and open source projects.

Albumentations efficiently implements a rich variety of image transform operations that are optimized for performance, and does so while providing a concise, yet powerful image augmentation interface for different computer vision tasks, including object classification, segmentation, and detection.

Quick Start

Albumentations requires Python 3.5 or higher. To install the library from PyPI run:

pip install albumentations

Rich examples

To make quick-start easier we've made a bunch of examples on using our library for various tasks. Check them here:

Different tasks

Albumentations supports different computer vision tasks such as classification, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, object detection, and pose estimation.

Different domains

Albumentations works well with data from different domains: photos, medical images, satellite imagery, manufacturing and industrial applications, Generative Adversarial Networks.

Seamless integration with deep learning frameworks

Albumentations can work with various deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch and Keras. The library is a part of the PyTorch ecosystem.

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