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About the company

Procys is a cutting-edge technology company that is dedicated to revolutionising the way businesses handle routine work. 
We’re on a mission to make work more enjoyable and efficient, through smart, automated business processes, helping teams to save time and money is what we do! Our goal is to automate 50 billion hours of routine and repetitive work. One of our first solutions helps finance teams worldwide with their biggest data stream: invoices. Be part of the efficiency, be part of Procys!

Procys is a distinct spin-off startup that has originated from Openprovider. While it shares its roots with Openprovider, Procys operates as an independent entity with a specialised focus on advanced machine learning and AI solutions designed for automation.

All Procys and Openprovider employees work on a fully remote basis and without any geographical limitations. You don’t have to go to the office each day and deal with traffic or painful commutes. All you need is yourself, a laptop, and a cup of coffee. We support a healthy work/life balance and constantly strive to improve this aspect more and more every day. We support a flexible schedule and are 100% performance and result-oriented.

About the role

Commercial strategy of Procys revolves around targeting various document processing niches. Apart from the core component extracting data from invoices, a need is there to quickly develop solutions that can read data from the other types of documents, including Purchase Orders, Passports, Magazines, etc. The new solutions will be based on the existing invoice processing engine but will have their own data fields and corresponding ML models. To build such solutions end-to-end, we need a Machine Learning Engineer - not just ML researcher, but a good specialist who can take the responsibility on all technical aspects of the product: data collection, data analysis and expert features engineering, ML algorithm building/tweaking, and maintenance/monitoring of ML model. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Machine learning algorithm/model development
  • Set up new models/algorithms from scratch that cater to the project needs
  • Increase effectiveness and accuracy of existing solutions
  • Ongoing training of the model with the data supplied + data verification
  • Model testing and monitoring
  • Active coaching and interaction with other members of ML team on daily basis
  • Sparring with Developers and DevOps engineers that build code around the models/algorithms


  • Fluent English;
  • Good understanding of machine learning and other AI paradigms & applications;
  • Experience in delivering and managing machine learning models/algorithms;
  • Thorough, expert understanding of Python and SQL;
  • Gradient boosting and classic ML algorithms understanding (scikit-learn, xgboost, catboost, lightgbm);
  • Data manipulation libraries (pandas, numpy);
  • Basic NLP techniques;
  • Project management skills and experienced with methodologies like Scrum and/or Agile;
  • Ability to transfer knowledge across teams;
  • Previous experience in products that learn from both text and image is an advantage.

We offer

  • 100% remote work (you can work from any location, no need to go to the office);
  • Paid time off and sick leave;
  • International team and regular online and offline events to stay connected;
  • Internal workshops, and knowledge-sharing sessions;
  • Quarterly review and annual salary review;
  • Flexible working hours (we don`t have time trackers, we are a result-oriented company);
  • We are ISO 27001-certified remote workplace.


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