ML Engineer for a short-term scientific project on the quantization of neural networks and not only

Dolgoprudnyy, Moscow
from €1,000/month

neural networkquantization

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Brief description of the vacancy

Startup LLC "Imvideo" is looking for a contractor for a series of ML projects (Pytorch).
First project:
1. Build a project with a pre-trained neural network resnet50.
2. After each relu layer of the neural network, add a quantization that limits the number of bits (for example, 8bit, 6bit, 4bit)
3. Check the degradation of the pre-trained resnet50 network based on a standard set of images from imagenet (with a different number of quantization bits).
The project must be done in pytorch.
Lead time: 1 week for this project.
The exact amount of payment for each project after discussion and clarification of the terms of reference.

That was the first project, but after that other similar projects will go on.



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