ML/NLP Data Scientist



Brief description of the vacancy

We are looking for a Senior DS to join us remotely and co-develop a communication styling solution. Project based payment, part time for the first 2 months with potential full time transition. Remote, relocation may be discussed.

About the company

We are a Berlin-based startup led by tech and AI specialists that develops a new generation of corporate communication and productivity tools.


ML solution architecture, experimentation, tunning, efficiency improvement and production of the model, search/gathering/preparation of the training corpora (manual labelling will be outsourced if needed)).


  • statistics/programming/scientific background
  • 2-3 years of experience in a data science/ML team, developing AND productionising models (so production ready code beyond notebooks)
  • NLP experience (solid understanding of text processing technics (early ones and transformers), caught up on LLMs, tuning/RAGs -ideally coded and implemented at least once) - doesn’t have to be advanced though
  • very solid Python (all the basic packages but also PyTorch (at least tensorflow) and smth like CUDA (to optimise code) would be a must)
  • good familiarity with AWS stack
  • english speaking

Working conditions

Part Time, Hour Based Rate


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