Senior ML Engineer (NLP and RecSys)


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About us:
Whisk is the thriving cooking community available on iOS/Android, Web and Samsung hardware (Whisk was acquired by Samsung in 2019). Today we reach millions of users across many markets and languages.

Our stack:
Python, PyTorch, CatBoost, Pytorch Lightning, Transformers, Nvidia Triton, ClickHouse, Mongo, MySQL, Elasticsearch, MLFlow, DVC, KubeFlow, Kubernetes, GCP

Required Qualifications:
- Minimum 2 years working in machine learning engineer role.
- Minimum 4 years working in software/machine learning engineering role.
- You have strong hands-on experience with standard python DS stack and PyTorch (it’s our main DL framework). You write clean and production-ready code.
- You have hands-on experience in pushing DL solutions to production
- Solid theoretical knowledge of Machine Learning and Statistical concepts, including Deep Learning, as well as performance tradeoffs
- Working proficiency in English.
- Experience with NLP and RecSys (both)

Type of Work:
Contract-based (Long-term project), full-time (40 hours per week), 100% remotely. 


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