Data Analytics Team Lead

San Diego

Data Analytics Team Lead

Brief description of the vacancy

FuturHealth operates in the healthy food and medicine market, addressing health concerns as well as excess weight through telemedicine, customized nutrition plans, medications, healthy meals delivery, and insurance among Americans.

Operating in one of the largest markets in the USA, FuturHealth addresses the pressing health concern of excess weight among Americans. While primarily a B2C application, the company also develops in-house products crucial for efficient business operations, contributing significantly to its success.

+Internal projects: Involving the development of a comprehensive system with various components:


  • Marketing tracking and analytics
  • Sales funnels, conversion tracking, and attribution analytics
  • A/B testing and partial management of advertising bids and budgets


  • Our in-house billing engine
  • Custom solutions for processing strategies, dunning, and risk management

About the company

About your team: Our Analytical team comprises diverse backgrounds in physics and mathematics, prioritizing problem-solving abilities over specific tools. The team includes 3 teammates, specializing in analytics and dashboard creation, and building data science solutions. Our current focus has been on internal work, including product-related analytics and monitoring, and the number of tasks from product teams related to user metrics, conducting experiments, and A/B testing is increasing.

If you're a Lead Data Analyst with a strong analytical background, hands-on technical skills, and an interest in contributing to a dynamic team addressing diverse challenges, we'd love to hear from you. Join FuturHealth and be a key player in shaping the future of health and wellness solutions.


What you’ll do:

  • Team Management: Leading a team of 3 analysts and data engineers, including motivation, development, task delegation, and performance review.
  • Business Consultation: Providing data-driven insights and fostering an analytical culture to assist decision-making.
  • Data Infrastructure: Supporting and enhancing data collection and analysis systems.
  • Product Collaboration: Working with product teams to generate hypotheses, validate findings, and gather additional data.
  • Problem Identification: Identifying issues, building models, and monitoring product metrics for improvement.
  • Proactive Audit: Conducting comprehensive audits to address data gaps and optimize data processes, ensuring thorough analysis and setup of data pipelines.


Technologies being used and required:

  • Proficiency in SQL and Python
  • DBT, Git, Apache Airflow
  • BI tools (Redash, Metabase, Superset)
  • Any BI tool is required; familiarity with ETL/ELT tools is preferred
  • Experience analyzing marketing/business data

It’s a perfect match if you have:

  • Minimum 1 year of experience in team management, demonstrating skills in motivation, development, task allocation, and hiring, preferably within an analytics team.
  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience in Data Analysis within a tech company.
  • Proficiency in English at a level not lower than B2-C1 is required, reflecting our international team and English-dominated market.
  • Candidates with a blend of skills in both product analytics and engineering will be our perfect candidates.
  • Proven ability to translate analysis results into actionable business recommendations.
  • Strong analytical skills with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Familiarity with data infrastructures and flows.
  • Knowledge of statistics and proficiency in using statistical packages.
  • Experience in defining, characterizing, and testing product data and event tracking.

Working conditions

  • We operate in a massive market where we already have competitve advantages, and we have been generating revenue since 2017.
  • Authentic startup exposure with a streamlined hierarchy, enabling a direct impact on our expanding venture.
  • A fertile ground for implementing proven practices and novel concepts, offering autonomy in decisions driven by data and trust in expertise.
  • Tailored compensation discussions, ensuring market-aligned comfort.
  • Embrace a culture valuing autonomy and accountability, where success is result-driven.
  • A people-centric organization dedicated to maximizing learning, growth, and impact, with due recognition for outstanding contributions.
  • Continuous growth prospects within a dynamic environment.
  • A stellar team for collaboration and learning in an excellence-driven setting.
  • Enjoy a flexible work schedule, the freedom to work remotely from any location, and a contractual arrangement as an Independent Contractor or through other agreed-upon methods.


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