CV+Pytorch engineer

RUB 350,000550,000/month

PytorchPythonDeep LearningComputer Vision

Scaletorch has built a product called the Deep Learning Offload Processor, which speeds up AI model training and fine-tuning by a factor of 10x-60x by implementing a number of low level optimizations. It achieves this speed up with zero code changes as well as no changes to model quality. 


We intend to expand the scope of this product to the following:

  1. Work on approximation and optimization techniques to help speed up model training - for example using sparsity in point clouds, use of selective backpropagation, etc.
  2. Work on a combination of NAS and quantization aware training 
  3. Work on efficient methods to do multi-model training
  4. Work on the design and implementation of algorithms that can reduce the need for data labelling 
  5. Run benchmarks

Skillset Required:

  1. PyTorch (in-depth knowledge)
  2. Python (in-depth knowledge) 
  3. Computer Vision - 2D/video preferred (3D and other areas is a plus)
  4. CUDA/C++ - bonus, not a requirement

Location is remote (can be planet Mars as long as the internet is good). 

The candidates can select to work as employees or as independent contractors/freelancer. 

May require working from Moscow for the first month. After that, the candidate can work from a location of their choice. 

Send CVs to the email in contacts. 


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